Toll on I-270 Lexus Lanes in AM Rush Hour:


Press Release


October 15, 2020
Drivers will pay $49.63 to go one way from Frederick to Shady Grove in the morning rush hour if toll lanes are built on I-270, traffic experts at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments say.
The Maryland Dept. of Transportation hid this bombshell revelation deep in the fine print of its Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the toll lane project. MDOT refuses to show the public its own calculations of future rush-hour tolls.
“The proposed toll roads are too expensive,” said Senator Ron Young (D-Frederick). “Widening I-270 would be a traffic nightmare for five years. The costs will fall back on Maryland taxpayers. We can't build our way out of traffic congestion. There are better alternatives.”
The MWCOG calculation is buried on page 883 of Appendix C of the environmental report. It says the morning rush-hour toll from MD Route 85 in Frederick to I-370 in Shady Grove will be $2.26 per mile. Multiplying that by the 21.96 mile length of the trip gives a total of $49.63. The cost of the return trip in the afternoon is not given, but it is likely to be even higher because congestion is worse in the afternoon rush hour.