More Broken Promises:

Taxpayers Will Subsidize Lexus Lanes

Press Release
November 12, 2019
Middle-class drivers and transit riders will pay for Lexus Lanes they can't afford to use. This is the real news in this morning's announcement by Governor Hogan to an audience of business executives.
The Washington Post reports that Maryland and Virginia "will share the costs of rebuilding and widening the [American Legion] bridge, and adding toll lanes for a stretch on either side." It adds that "much of the project" would be financed through a public-private partnership (P3). This contradicts the governor's promise that the entire cost of the toll lanes and the new bridge would be paid out of tolls and financed by a P3.
The governor is also backtracking on his vote at the Board of Public Works to widen I-270 before the Beltway. Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn confirmed that this plan requires a new vote by the BPW. 
"The only winners from this plan are the P3 financiers and the few wealthy drivers who can afford to pay $40 tolls every day," said Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition chair Ben Ross. "Everyone else will sit in traffic jams -- otherwise drivers won't be willing to pay the high tolls the P3 financiers need to make a profit."
"This completely blows up the justification for not looking at transit alternatives to these wasteful highway projects," Ross added. "Secretary Rahn claimed there is no money to build rail lines. Where did the money suddenly come from for this new plan?"