MTOC Praises Metrobus Plan
Press release, April 18, 2023
The Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition praised the new Metrobus route map released yesterday and called for its rapid implementation.
The new route map proposed by WMATA would raise from 36 to 100 the number of bus routes that run every 20 minutes or better all day, seven days a week.
These are the bus lines that make it practical to live without a car,  said MTOC Chair Ben Ross. “Opening up the choice of not owning a car gives an enormous economic boost to lower-income transit riders who need it most.
Gary Hodge, MTOC Vice Chair, added that “WMATA’s transit service improvements advance the ethos of equity that Maryland Governor Wes Moore has made one of the top priorities of his Administration.”
More frequent and more direct bus lines will strengthen the foundation for the seamless, interconnected rail transit system that will drive economic growth across Maryland. And they're the best way to attract more transit riders, something badly needed to fight global warming.
“When the WMATA plan is implemented, it will be a model for transit agencies across the county,  Ross said. “We look forward to working with WMATA and other stakeholders to perfect the bus route map and ensure it is fully funded.

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